26 August 2011

DIY Refreshing Facial Spritz

Even though summer is winding down, there are still a lot of hot days ahead. More and more beauty (and drink!) companies are offering facial spritzes as a way to refresh yourself and to freshen up. If you're like me and have allergies (or sensitive skin...or you just don't want to spend a boatload on a product that's mostly water), you can make your own.

What you'll need:

an empty, smallish spray bottle

witch hazel
or bottled/filtered water (more on this in a sec)
an essential oil of your choice
The process is simple enough....pour your witch hazel or water into the spray bottle, filling it near to the top but not all the way. You need to leave room for your oil and to shake the the bottle to mix.
Now, put between 15-30 drops of oil in the bottle, depending on how you want it to smell. My suggestion is to start with 10, shake, and smell. Add more depending on your preference! (note that because oil and water don't mix, you should shake before each use.)

Witch Hazel or Water?

Witch hazel has long been known as a healing plant (see, for example, the September 2011 issue of Whole Living magazine, or talk to my mom!). Because it is good for calming rashes and irritation, it is appropriate for a facial spritz. However, witch hazel does carry it's own scent, and if you don't want that or are unsure about using witch hazel, then using water is just fine, but use bottled or filtered water.

Which Oil Is Right For Me?
That's a completely personal preference depending on what you want to smell like and what you want your oil to do! As you can see from the photo, I chose lemon; I love the bright, energizing smell of citrus. Mints work the same way. Want a calming scent? Try lavender or chamomile. Whichever oil you use, make sure you're not allergic to it first. You should be able to buy oil in a bigger grocery store, but health food stores also have them. You don't need to buy the most expensive brand, either, as your just spritzing yourself with a tiny amount at a time.

Other Uses?
I use these as room sprays (lavender in the bedroom!), and I use spritzes or straight essential oil as perfume (since I'm allergic to most perfumes).
Happy Spritzing!

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