19 August 2011

E is for Excellent, um, I mean Erin

Hi!  I'm ErinI'm one of the brains behind this operation.  

I am a mommy, a girlfriend, a friend, a daughter, a crafter, an environmental scientist, a jokester, and a sister, among many other things.

As for my personal style?  Well, I was a "surfer chick" in high school...

and then a "preppy" in my 20s... 

Now, in my 30s, I am Mommy-chic, which is really just a mix of the two with a little bit of spit up on the shoulder...

Loves: my daughter, my family, the Phillies, my dog, the shore, vacations, my friends, music

Likes: being with my daughter, reading, sewing, writing, dogs (labs in particular), the ocean, skiing, Vermont (went to undergrad there), spell check, flip flops, baking, roller coasters, soccer

Dislikes:  people who don't use their blinkers, TOMS, olives, spiders, my ex-husband, jellyfish, pretentiousness, blatant misuse of their/there/they're (feel free to correct me when I accidentally do it), the dentist, wet socks, Yoga (sorry Jess), gangsta rap