29 August 2011

Jersey Fresh for Babies

Making your own baby food is not scary - it's super easy and takes only about 15 minutes! 

Katie, my daughter, loves peach baby food.  So, when my grandpop gave me a bag of fresh Jersey Peaches (yes, they ARE almost as good as fresh southern peaches), I knew that I had to take a few of them and make some baby food for her from them.

First, start with a few clean peaches (I just washed the skin of mine with some tepid water).  Then, cut an X in the skin with a sharp knife (sorry, I forgot to take a photo of this).

Then, place the peaches into boiling water for 3-5 minutes, depending on their size.  I left the 2 small in for 3 minutes, the larger for 5.

Then, immediately transfer the peaches to a bowl filled with ice (yes, ice) water (this is called blanching, if you didn't already know).

 The skin of the peaches should peel off easily (you can see the X I made in the skin - that's why you do it, it helps you start the peeling).

You will need to remove the pit.  At this point, the peaches should be so soft, you should be able to pretty much "crack" it open.

I thought that the peaches weren't quite cooked enough (see the light parts in the above picture), so, I put them BACK into the water to sit in the hot water a bit longer.

 Once they were cooked to my liking, I drained them of the water.

And put them into the food processor (I like my mini chopper).

I ran it until my desired consistency.

All ready for eating!

I'd say it was a hit!

No, it's not 4th of July - we just don't put a good bib to rest around here!

Then, once lunch was over, I took the rest of the peach puree and put it into my BPA-free baby food squares to be put into the freezer for later use!

You can use this method to cook/puree anything that your baby likes into your own homemade baby food!  So much cheaper than the stuff you buy in stores.  I am thinking that I might add some of this puree to smashed bananas for a yummy breakfast for Katie.  :)


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