19 August 2011

Putting the J in EJ

Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm a J part of EJ.

I'm a daughter and a big sister, a girlfriend, a pet momma, a cousin, a niece, and a friend.

By day, I'm a teacher. At night, I wear my craftypants.

My style has evolved a lot...in high school, I wore a t-shirt or sweatshirt, jeans, and running shoes. Every. Day.

In college, this evolved to a tighter t-shirt. ("evolved" might be pushing it a bit.) After college, I went prep, and today, 30s Jess is a mix of classic, preppy, bohemian, and sporty. I haven't amassed the mommy-chic addition of spit up just yet.

Want to know more about me?
Okay, then...

THINGS I LIKE: knitting, sewing, doing stuff around the house, gardening, sometimes baking, yoga, reading, my kitty, others' dogs, horses, hgtv, food network, sports, pinterest, my sofa, Harry Potter, chocolate and coffee and green tea, good grammar

THINGS I DISLIKE: cooking usually, the end of summer, sometimes the color red, intolerance, black tea, most cheese, carrots, seafood, eggs, allergies, poor grammar, vomit, the dentist (not personally, he's actually very nice, but all the scraping makes me shudder...)

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