23 August 2011

Why this blog?

Erin's Version

I met Jess in graduate school. We were both first year students (freshmen?) who happened to be in the same class from hell. It was every Tuesday and Thursday evening with a small, rather intense instructor named Dr. Hsu. The class was something about how to make a test. No, not take a test - MAKE a test. Yes, it was an education class (no, I am NOT a teacher - more about that later).

I was a standoffish Physical Science major who swore that this girl who kept trying to make idle chit chat with me was the current girlfriend of my ex-boyfriend, you know - since she was from the same high school as him and everything. It's not like there weren't 1200 kids in the school or anything...

Anyway, not only did random chit chat girl date my ex (in my convoluted mind) but, on her key chain was a VW key. One of those flip keys. One that came with a Jetta. I wanted a Jetta. Damnit, she had everything.

Somehow or other I finally found out that she did not date my ex, she did drive a snazzy red Jetta and was actually pretty cool. We became fast friends once I got over my whole crazy judgmental thing.

Fast forward, let's see - 7 years (crap, it's been that long?). We've decided that there are some things we want, need, to accomplish in our lives. So, we made this pact. A pact to hold each other accountable through this blog: to craft more, to save more, to budget our money (!), to sew more, to read more, to exercise more (lol!), to get off Facebook more, to love and laugh more and to live simpler.

Jess' Version

Obviously, I don't remember things quite the way Erin does. I just remember that we always sat on the same side of the classroom with Dr. Hsu (who I had to take for a second class...shudder....), and I didn't really know anyone (since, as Erin pointed out, we were both first semester, first year grad students), so I was trying to meet people. Even though I was trying to become an English teacher and Erin was studying to be a science teacher, she seemed a lot like me, like we had a lot in common. We spent time getting to know each other at $2 Hoegarden night, and later, Erin did get a nice Jetta even! (But, no, I never dated her ex, and I hardly knew him in high school...)

Funny, the other class we had together was also hellish - maybe there are odd forces at work when we take classes together. But we got through both of those, and a lot more in these last eight (eight?!) years, both good and bad, and now, here we are trying to Make Things Happen .... and to hold each other accountable so that those Things do get done! It was obviously meant to be; for a few days before Erin asked if I'd want to do this blog, I had been contemplating asking her the same thing. Is it Fate? Is it Destiny? Is it Jess over-analyzing things again?

Probably. But neither of us would have it any other way.

Erin, again...

Actually, we took three classes together (remember Educational Psych?). We also went to Florida and Vermont together. We would go to J. Crew and buy almost matching outfits just to be "those girls". We were also very hot and very sexy. ;) LOL. Inside joke.

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